Added my Crysis 3 Workposted on 05/08/2013

Just a little update, I've added my recent work on Crysis 3 to my maps and portfolio, it was without doubt the most fun year of my life, working with Marcel, Robert and Stefan on what turned out to be a really solid and fun level, thanks guys!

Photography!posted on 10/09/2012

I've been taking lots of photos recently, somewhat of a new hobby of mine. Check them out on Flickr

I hope you have as much fun viewing them as it was to take them, peace out.

logging you out ...

Crysis 3 at E3 2012 - Interactive Trailerposted on 27/08/2012

What a ride to get to this point, below you can check out a full interactive play through of the Crysis 3 canyon level, a level that I am fortunate enough to be working on. I can't wait to see the reactions of gamers when they see what else is in store, the game really is epic!

Crysis 3 Officially Revealedposted on 16/04/2012

Crysis 3 has just been officially announced to the gaming world, it's always fun to read the reactions of the gamers and trolls. It's really great to see how excited people are, makes all the hard work and sleepless nights worth it.

Crysis 3

Keep tuned for more updates!

Happy New Year Ya'llposted on 31/12/2011

Have a great new year!

Interview Timeposted on 13/08/2011

Mateusz from was kind enough to put together this interview, I hope it has some useful information! Interview

Maps & Portfolio Updated!posted on 22/07/2011

So I finally spent the time to update my site with work that I contributed to most towards on Crysis 2 and I hope you enjoy it. If you've not played the game yet it's a ton more exciting than the usual tour around New York!

Cool Linksposted on 25/05/2011

Check out this fantastic in-depth guide for level designers of all skill levels, it's free and full of great advise

Ultimate Level Design Guide


Helder Pinto released his new portfolio recently, he works with me at Crytek and is one of the most talented artists I've ever met - check it out you won't be disappointed!

Helder Pinto's website

Finished Crysis 2!posted on 25/05/2011

Ok ... so I'm lazy, but later is better than never ;), Crysis 2 shipped over a month ago and with over 50 critics scores of 90+ it seems to of gone down great with gamers all over the world.

It's been a monstrous journey for over two and a half years, working with the best in the industry I can't think of a better way to spend my time!

Official release trailer

Crysis 2 - Be The Weapn Trailerposted on 29/12/2010

A new Crysis 2 trailer, lots of game play footage!

More to come real soon, watch this space

Snark Pit Interviewposted on 29/12/2010

Check out Snarkpit if you love making maps, there's tons of great tutorials and articles. They where kind enough to interview me and I hope the advice is useful to some.

Snark Pit Interview

It's a bit late but have a great Christmas and New Year!

Crysis 2posted on 23/06/2010

Bloody aliens abducting me, but while I'm back on earth thought I'd spend the time to update my site :)

So, Crysis 2 is really rolling now and at E3 this year we showed two levels from the game, Grand Central and Terminal Station

New York Trailer

Making of The Wall Trailer

Terminal Gameplay

Much more to come soon :)

Short Interviewposted on 01/05/2009

Alex Galuzin a friend of mine was kind enough to put together a short interview for his level design website. This might be useful for level designers wanting to break into the game industry.

Check it out here

Happy New Yearposted on 03/01/2009

So I'm slightly late but it's a great chance to say so, Happy New Year everyone!

I've been in Germany now for over two months and what can I say ... It's a really nice place to work and live. Everyone at Crytek have made me feel very welcome and I'm looking forward to releasing what will be - one hell of a game.

Yeehaw_Final out very soon!posted on 19/10/2008

I'm in the process of getting the level tested on a few servers, to make sure everything is ok. Soon as I get the thumbs up I'll be releasing Yeehaw on a number of website including my own.

I slapped together a little teaser "arty farty" style, hope you enjoy :P

Quite a number of people have given me valuable feedback so I'm taking this chance to say Cheers!

Insurgency on Steam!posted on 06/10/2008

That's right everyone, If you somehow missed Valves annoucement that a selection a Source engine modiications have been released on steam, theres never been a better time to check them out.

Download Page Here

hilfe! ich spreche kein Deutschposted on 02/10/2008

The last month or so has been really exciting, I was stunned to find that both developers I applied for got back to me with equally brilliant offers. It was a tough choice, but Crytek's PC gaming nature really was the decider.

This month I'm taking the chance to get my knowledge of Sandbox 2 up to a good standard and also finding time to finish my Team Fortress 2 level. Hopefully in a few weeks CP_YEEHAW_FINAL will be out and kicking with some pretty big changes that it needed.

Holy Flying Antlions Batmanposted on 05/09/2008

I'm making a short single player mission for HL2 - Episode 2 using assets from NMRiH. There are no plans (at this stage) to release it, I'm doing it to understand the finer aspects of scripting in Source engine.

Last week I visited Crytek's studio in Frankfurt, they were kind enough to give me a studio tour and a chance to play one of their new games. The entire trip was a huge success and I'm looking forward to hear back from them soon.

Game Development, Serious Business!posted on 20/08/2008

It's been real hectic over in camp 2d the past month or so. Some of you might know that I've been holding back my professional career to get some health issues out of the way. Thankfully that time is up and I can't wait to make games for a living again!

With that in mind I applied to a few companies that excited me;


Farcry blew me away, Crysis was awe inspiring, you don't need much more of a reason to want to work for these guys. I'm off to Germany next week for an on site interview!

Bizarre Creations

Bizarre seemed like a real nice place to work, I loved Project Gotham Racing and some of their more casual titles. Last week I went up for an interview and I got the go-ahead for a second one.

Ontop of all that, this Saturday I'm off to London with my best friend to attend South West Four. The likes of Carl Cox and other massive DJ's will be there, I've never been to an outdoor/day dance music event so it should be a real fun experience.

Zero Gearposted on 29/07/2008

What can I say, Zero Gear has got me real excited, it's an "indie" game being developed by a small group of people, one of them I happen to know. It really shows how inventive and fun creating games can be, from the heart not the wallet!

Head over to the official website HERE

Game Propsposted on 03/07/2008

I've been modeling some props for a game I'm working on, so I slapped them together and rendered this scene, it's pretty cool what can be done with a white texture and some light rays :)

Mental Rayposted on 30/06/2008

Recently I've been playing about with Mayas Mental Ray rendering, with some pretty cool results, the building model below I made in Maya, then I rendered it in Mental Ray and finally did some tweaking in photoshop.

Zero Crunch Networkposted on 25/06/2008

For those involved in the games industry a new networking site has been launched, Zerocrunch is a great place to swap ideas, show work and generally have a good time. If you like getting stuck into interesting discussions about all things gaming head over and sign up. It's really starting to take off!


Insurgency Updateposted on 07/06/2008

Us lot over at Insurgency are getting real close to releasing the beta 2.1 patch, it's been quite a while since we last did an update so I've had the chance to add an additional night version of Haditha due to popular request.



My good Friend Jeremy Blum invited me to join a UT3 Modification, I can't say much more at this point in time but the momment the web site is released I will make a post here.

No More Room in Hell is progressing once again after we where recently hacked, we're still aiming for a summer build that can be tested internally.

Finally, for those that might be waiting for a fixed cp_yeehaw (my tf2 map) I'm going to find some time next week to get this done.

Maya Modelingposted on 10/05/2008

So the last week I've been playing around with Maya to improve my modeling skills, check out this Temple created in Maya and exported to Unreal Engine 3.0

Hopefully with a little more work I'm going to add this example to my portfolio.

cp_yeehaw_beta Releasedposted on 29/04/2008

I'm releasing a public beta of cp_yeehaw with the goal of finding any balance issues and bugs before calling it finished, if you like the screenshots and have Team Fortress 2 be sure to check it out :)

Exiting Red Spawn

Capture Point A

Capture Point B

Exiting Red Spawn

There is a 16 player server running cp_yeehaw_beta and a few other great custom maps, a fast way to download the maps would be to join the server directly.

You can also download the map from these links, you can choose either .zip or .rar, if you are unsure as to what the differences are select the .zip!



TF2 Map Previewposted on 31/03/2008

This week I've been working pretty hard on my up and coming Team Fortress 2 level, I started the map a few months ago and it's gradually coming together, for those familiar with TF2 the level will play close to cp_dustbowl, it's slightly larger with more of an emphasis on medium to long ranged combat, although like in all my levels close ranged routes are often available for those shotgun lovers.

cp_yeehaw preview

My good friends Nay and Joe Angus have recently joined No More Room In Hell modification project I'm working on, pretty exciting times!

The LAN is over ...posted on 25/03/2008

Yesterday I got back from a whopping 4 day LAN event that had over 1800 players, I've been to 11 of them in the past so I kind of knew what to expect, never the less it was a great experience as always. Plenty of Dawn of War, Counter-strike and Everquest 2 kept me going.

As you can see, multi player gaming is serious business, before you wonder I'm not in these pictures!

You can find out more about the next LAN event HERE

I'd also really like to thank Joe Angus for this fantastic website and his continued support, cheers man!

Back From Frankfurtposted on 15/03/2008

My first news post, how exciting!

Early last week I went to Frankfurt In Germany to attend the worlds largest music instrument trade show, the place is MASSIVE a single hall was about the size of a football pitch and there was about 5 of them. I was there mainly to check out the drums and percussion as it's my much loved hobby.

The highlight for me was the Yamaha Groove Allstars, a concert with some of the worlds top drummers and musicians, even if I did have to stand for 3 hours!!


Now I'm back in the UK I'll be catching up with a few projects I'm working on, but not for long, as mid next week I'm heading up to Newbury for the UK's biggest LAN gaming party! It's all go for me this month.

For anyone interested in drumming this video is a classic! Check out those mullets!